Experiencia Prezi

We believe Prezi has become a great alternative for traditional slide-based presentations. Even more, Prezi is a platform to deliver messages more effectively. You can also tell stories in a more captivating way, and engage in effective conversations with your audience.

More than just presentations, we focus on how to meet the communicational needs of a client in a strategic approach.

Every project is a special and unique adventure: from Private meetings to International Conferences; helping set accountability mechanisms, and the socialization of a marketing and sales plan; full-support in a 3-day congress, including a general concept Prezi for marketing, sales, and promotion of activities, a Master Prezi including all the conferences in the event,  and the electronic proceedings of the conferences; nation-wide training, development and support; a Master Prezi including evolution and adaptation for each European venue; these are examples of how he have successfully implemented Prezi.