Private meetings, international conferences, accountability mechanisms, marketing and sales plan socialization, 3-day congress full-support, master Prezi evolution and adaptation, nation-wide training development and support.

We offer a lot more than Prezi presentations.

Prezi Experts

As Prezi Experts, we offer independent and professional services to companies and individuals seeking assistance with their strategic communications, conferences, private and public events, workshops, and professional Prezi training.



Experiencia Prezi

We believe Prezi has become a great alternative for traditional slide-based presentations. Even more, Prezi is a platform to deliver messages more effectively. You can also tell stories in a more captivating way, and engage in effective conversations with your audience.

More than just presentations, we focus on how to meet the communicational needs of a client in a strategic approach.

Every project is a special and unique adventure: from Private meetings to International Conferences; helping set accountability mechanisms, and the socialization of a marketing and sales plan; full-support in a 3-day congress, including a general concept Prezi for marketing, sales, and promotion of activities, a Master Prezi including all the conferences in the event,  and the electronic proceedings of the conferences; nation-wide training, development and support; a Master Prezi including evolution and adaptation for each European venue; these are examples of how he have successfully implemented Prezi.



We started using Prezi short after it was launched in 2009. At first we used Prezi to present an idea we were working at the time, but our audiences were amazed about Prezi and its potential. We launched ExperienciaPrezi in 2011 and soon we became part of the Prezi Experts Community.

Hugo Novoa, Director



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